Terrace Garden

Whether you are a school or individual, invite us and we will set up your very own city farm on your terrace which yields fresh, organic bountiful harvest of your favourite vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants, colourful flowers and some fruits. Literally translating to Green Earth, Hari Mitti is a dream to replenish the earth with lush nature. We believe in bringing some method to madness.If pesticides are poison, then organic is its remedy. In our nursery off the New Town approach road, seedlings of joy have been planted to delight you.

Benefits of Terrace Garden

Make your Terrace Cool

Reduce your air-con ditioning costs

Get Fresh Oxygen

Beautify the built environment

Improve air quality

VSSPL Service for Terrace Farming

VSSPL team will Determine the location by visiting/surveying your home.

Providing necessary materials for growing vegetables.

Monitoring by two visits in a week ane car e water in fertilizer.

New vegetables will be grown according to the season.

Soil, fertilizer and seeds will be provided from VSSPL.

If there is more production, we will buy it.

You can give a precious gift of organic vegetables to your reletives

Farm Consultancy

Need assistance or guidance to do up your farm, second home garden or farm house. We have the best experienced team of agriculturist and horticulturist who can help you with desired results.

Maintenance Services

We maintain all types of Gardens- window / grill garden with few pots, balcony garden, retail store display garden, terrace/ backyards or even large farms. Our team of experts is well equipped to handle it all

Rooftop Garden

Rooftop garden might seem like a development of modernity, but they actually date back to antiquity.

Roof gardens have not only served to delight people, but also to grow food, provide good control and insulate homes.

Many cities across the globe are promoting the installation of rooftop gardens for these very reasons.

Rooftop gardens are most commonly found in cities where free ground level space is limited, heat build-up is of concern and water over ow is an issue. Gardens can actually reduce the overall heat absorption of a building, thus reducing energy consumption and helping light smog.

But that’s not the only thing these little environmental super heroes do. They also provide space for growing affordable and sustainable crops, recreation and migratory way stations for animals.

Just as ancient rooftop garden were instrumental in human survival, modern roof gardening might make a difference in our own future.

Roof garden advocates believe that roof farming can be the answer to food insecurity in cities and environmentalists believe that these green spaces will have a positive impact on climate change mitigation and adaptations. Rooftop garden take the enjoyment of plants to a new level.

Cars rush by on the streets below while gardeners on rooftops and terraces enjoy the unusual perspectives offered by the setting. These gardens have a mood all their own.

Because they are much smaller than the average back yard, they challenge gardeners to think about what is really essential, and the results can be unexpected and extremely striking.

Plants in rooftop gardens are exposed to more extreme conditions than plants in the ground, but many great garden plants will thrive if you choose carefully and take care of them.

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