Install Grid Connected Ground Mounted Solar System in Your Waste / Barren land in Gujarat for your Own & 3rd Party Commercial/Industrial Power Requirment

Reduce your production cost & Earn More Profit

If You Have Industries or Commercial Property But No Rooftop Available for Installation of Solar Rooftop System ?

VSSPL will provide complete solutions for your Electricity by Renewable Power and reduce your electricity bill upto 100 % by installing Ground Mounted Solar System

Various ways to produce Renewable power as per Gujarat Solar Power Policy supported by Central Govt. ( Upto Year- 2030, 500 GW is to be installed )

In the captive capex model, the corporate buyer for a utility scale Renewable project makes the upfront capital investment

The buyer owns the power generating asset and the Solar Power Generated is used for the corporate buyer's self- consumption.

VSSPL constructs the plant, and also operates and maintains it over its lifetime.

3rd Party Sale

3rd Party sale solar power simple definition is "solar power plant installed in single location and use power in multiple location for own uses as well as group."

While rooftop or onsite solar is a great way to get started, many of our clients don't have sufficient space within their facilities to install a solar power plant to their need of energy.

Most Corporates today strive to source as much as of their power as possible from renewable sources, particularly because of global commitments like RE100 gaining traction.

Any Persons wants to invest in Solar power plant then VSSPL will help to find out consumers who need to reduce there electricity cost.

Hedge against electricity charges

Open Access charges from the grid are applicable,but unpredictable charges, such as cross - subsidy surcharge and additional surcharge, are waived in captive and group captive projects.

Under this structure, a corporate buyer who holds the asset on its balance sheet is also eligible to claim tax benefits through accelerated description.

Guaranteed savings on electricity.

Even though the user is required to purchase electricity from 3 party through a Power Purchase Agreement ( PPA ), it come at much lower rates than prevailing grid tariffs, resulting in guaranted saving on every unit consumed.

Zero upfront investment - Since this is an energy sale model, there is no upfront investment required from the consumer.

A risk - free solution - With zero investment and upkeep responsibility , this is a capexfree, hassle - free and risk - free solution.

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