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Welcome to Sustainable Energy Services

Vertex means, ‘base of the brain’, which is the base of the body. Our aim is global Cooling and to serve the cause. Vertex initiated its R and D in 1990 to provide solutions for sustainability of the planet.
Initiated with information technology today our services are playing vital role in Aatma Nirbhar Bharat cause.
Today Vertex is associated as, 'Product Development Partner' with reputed brands of Indian Product Manufacturers.

We have 32+years of experience in power supply and renewable energy solutions.

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Offering Sustainable Energy Services

By offering sustainable energy services, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy independence, and provide customers with clean, reliable energy solutions that can save them money and help protect the environment.

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Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2023

Solar Power Policy applicable for the year 2021 to 2025. Surplus Energy generated from the Solar project after set off on billing
cycle basis shall be purchased by Respective discom at the following rates:

Our Solutions

Best Energy Solution

Turnkey O & M Contracts

Regular Cleaning of Solar System, Routine checking of Solar parts, Check Cable Connection, Structure Checking Etc.
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Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning

Increase Solar Generation, Increase Solar Module Life, No Need to appoint person for Solar Cleaning.
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Vertex Glass Shield

Advance Neno Technology Solutions, Make One extra layer In Solar Module, Glass Shield Life-More then 5 years, Remove Pollution layers, Increase Solar Generation and Return of Investment 1 year.
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Why Online Monjtoring Is Required?

Online Monitoring route through SIM Card/WIFI/Lan Cable Generation Forecasting.
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Work With Health & Wealth Solutions

Alkaline Water, Marma Therapy, Organic Farming, Water Recycling, Waste Management, Sun Yoga.
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Upcoming Solutions

E-Vehicle, Mobile Charging Station, Vehicle Charging Station, Quantum Boost.
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Is Solar Energy Important In Our Life?

It radiates light and heat, or solar energy, which makes it possible for life to exist on Earth. Plants need sunlight to grow.

Organic Farmings

Organic farming can be defined as an agricultural process that uses biological fertilizers and pest control acquired from animal or plant waste. Organic farming was actually initiated as an answer to the environmental sufferings caused by the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.